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Extrusion Tooling
Extrusion Tips and Dies are one of the most critical parts of the Extrusion Crosshead as they give the finishing touch to the final product and its importance cannot be ignored. Satya Extrusion is a leading Quality manufacturer of a whole range of Extrusion Tips and Dies with applications in the Wire, Cable, Medical, Pipe and Hose industries. Our customers know us as a source that is dependable because of high wear resistance, low wire breaks and uniformity of size and dimensions. Our experienced and trained engineerís do the utmost to design & manufacture products, which are more practical and cut above the rest and make sure they suit Customerís requirements as well. Our core strength is team work resulting in increased Productivity while maintaining exceptional Quality Standards which works to the Customerís advantage. We can produce Extrusion tooling by using your approved Engineering Drawing, Sketch or just a Sample of parts or our Customers can also use the services of our in-house Engineers to design a better tool.

While there are people who realize the importance of Quality Extrusion Tips and Dies manufactured from the Professional companies like Satya Extrusion, capable of producing tooling using Certified Premium Quality Alloys, within tight tolerances as a dimensionally and Geometrically correct tool can help you save a lot of expensive polymer that you will otherwise coat on the product and can potentially lead to leaner margins; but still many people fail to understand its true importance and go for Extrusion Tips and Dies produced in-house or from small time Job shops not capable of controlling tight tolerances and absolutely no knowledge of material to be used to give long life to the tools. Satya Extrusion manufactures the standard round Hole Extrusion Tips and Dies and profiled Extrusion Tips and Dies in various shapes such as Oval, Rectangular, Square, Serration and Multi hole tools for Multi Conductor cables.

Customers achieve better Product Control on their products by using our Extrusion Tips and Dies as we produce our Extrusion tools on superior Quality Machines and heat treated properly to ensure a long life. All the tools are inspected individually by our Quality Control Engineers using high resolution Inspection Equipments before they are dispatched to the Customer. Our Extrusion Tooling is Diamond polished and there is smooth transition in the inside cone of the Die by avoiding all kinds of shoulders to give a superior finish on Customers products.

While pricing is of essence keeping in mind prevailing Business atmosphere, we offer tools that are Dependable and Delivered on time. To give a better dimensional control on the product, we guarantee concentricity of our Fixed Center tools to be within .005 mm. We provide a Copy of Quality Certificates on specific request by customers which certifies its adherence to the parameters in the Engineering Drawing.

We manufacture Extrusion Tooling in Hardened Steel -1.2379(SKD11/K110/AISID2), 1.2316(S136/AISI420SS) 1.2344 (ASTM H-13), 1.7225 (4140), Inconel, as well as in Full Tungsten Carbide & with Tungsten Carbide inserted in tool body and Poly Crystalline Diamond to enhance the tool life. Carbide Inserted Tips can also be manufactured for multiple conductor Extrusion Tips.

We offer same day delivery for our regular customers for their standard tooling as we offer Customer Stocking program at no extra cost to them. This helps in better inventory control of Extrusion Tips and Dies while still maintaining critical stock level.

Of different oem styles
Satya Extrusion manufactures tooling for its own style of Crossheads as well as for almost all the popular makes of Cross-Heads and In-line Heads

Extrusion Crossheads Fixed Center Crosshead Manual Center Crosshead Inline Crossheads Extrusion Tooling Extrusion Tips Extrusion Dies Extrusion Breaker Plates Extrusion Flanges Purge Value Injection Molding Extruder Tooling
Satya manufactures Precision Extrusion Crossheads, Inline Heads, Extrusion Tips, Extrusion .
Satya manufactures Precision Extrusion Crossheads, Inline Heads, Extrusion Tips, Extrusion .
Satya manufactures Precision Extrusion Crossheads, Inline Heads, Extrusion Tips, Extrusion .
Satya manufactures Precision Extrusion Crossheads, Inline Heads, Extrusion Tips, Extrusion .
Satya manufactures Precision Extrusion Crossheads, Inline Heads, Extrusion Tips, Extrusion .
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