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Purge Valves
Purge Valve is used for discharging molten polymer from the extruder into the Crosshead with the facility to check the molten polymers readiness for extrusion and also to check the proper change in color of the polymer before it goes into the Crosshead. Purge valves are used for the Primary extruders as well as Secondary or Piggy Back extruders. Satya Extrusion manufactures Purge Valves in various styles and sizes to suit the customerís requirements. SET manufactured Purge Valves give extremely good wear resistance and long life as we use 1.2344 and 1.8550 steel.

The Purge Valves are given a proper heat treatment and is Gas Nitrided as well for a very good wear resistance ensuring longer trouble free functioning. SET manufactures Purge Valves for Manual as well as Hydraulic applications. They are high precision mating parts, which if not properly made will result in obstruction in flow of polymer and can also cause leakage of polymer. So, Satya Extrusion makes sure that Purge valves are made to correct tolerances for proper functioning without seizures.

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